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Gammill Machines

Quilting carries a rich history. From the early settlers who found a few precious moments to quilt to other cultures that incorporated patchwork quilts as a way to document the stories of their people, quilts were passed down to future generations as family heirlooms. Today, quilting is still part of our larger culture and the Sew Shop supports it with quality quilting machines and instruction.

From quilts hung on the wall as art or quilts spread across the bed for warmth, the popularity of quilting continues to build. While it was an improvement from quilts made by hand, a stationary quilting machine is still awkward to operate. In 1980, Gammill® Quilting Systems developed a quilting machine that eliminates the need to move the multi-layered quilt fabric as it is sewn. Instead the Gammill quilting machine glides on tracks in any direction necessary to complete the desired design.

This innovative design makes quilting more cost-effective for the hobbyist and the quilting business owner. Quilting is also a means of earning a living for many. Whether your business is baby quilts, art quilts, bed quilts or bedspreads, the Sew Shop has a Gammill Quilting Machine model to suit your business or pleasure needs.

The Sew Shop sells these revolutionary Gammill Quilting and Gammill Statler Quilting Machines in a variety of models, including:

Stitch-Regulated (Hand-Guided) Longarm Quilting Machine Models:
  • Gammill Vision 18-8 Stitch-Regulated Longarm Quilting Machine replaced the Gammill Premier Plus Longarm Quilting Machine
  • Gammill Vision 22-10 (Twenty-Two) is the newest addition to the Gammill Stitch Regulated Quilting Machine line
  • Gammill Vision 26-10 Stitch-Regulated replaces the ever popular Gammill Classic Plus Longarm Quilting Machine
  • Gammill Vision 30-12 Stitch-Regulated is the new version of the Gammill Optimum Plus Longarm Quilting Machine
Non-Stitch-Regulated (Hand-Guided) Longarm Quilting Machine Models:
  • Gammill Premier (18-8) non-stitch-regulated Longarm Quilting Machine
  • Gammill Twenty-two (22-10) non-stitch-regulated Longarm Quilting Machine
  • Gammill Classic (26-10) non-stitch-regulated Longarm Quilting Machine
  • Gammill Optimum (30-12) non-stitch-regulated Longarm Quilting Machine
Statler Stitcher Longarm (Computer Guided) Quilting Machine Models:
Gammill Vision 18-8

Gammill Quilting Machine Repairs Are Rare But the Sew Shop Is Prepared Should They Occur

Maintain the integrity of your Gammill quilting machine with quality Sew Shop repairs and service. The Sew Shop can service all the Gammill quilting machines we sell. In addition to Gammill machine repairs, we also carry a variety of Gammill quilting machine parts, including:
  • Gammill Machine Needles, Thread & Batting
  • Gammill Machine Metal Bobbin Cases & Bobbins
  • Gammill Machine Motor Belts & Motor Brushes
  • Gammill Machine Bobbin Winder Tires and more.

Visit the Gammill machine parts page for more information about the Gammill sewing machine parts and accessories we carry.

If it's time for a quilting machine upgrade, the Sew Shop accepts most major commercial and household quilting machines on trade. While the trade-in value varies on a variety of factors including the age, condition, features and market value of your existing machine. Trading your machine can make it easier to attain the Gammill quilting machine with the latest technology and all the features you desire. Contact the Sew Shop for details.

With the purchase of a Gammill quilting machine from the Sew Shop, you become eligible for the Sew Shop's Perks Card, our loyalty discount program. Contact us to find out more.

Invest in your quilting passion or your quilting business with a quality Gammill machine. Come in to one of our local sewing centers or call the Sew Shop at
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. For our online customers, feel welcome to call us or use the convenient contact form below to send us any Gammill Quilting machine questions you may have.

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